Around Zagreb

[accordion_title]Croatian Currency[/accordion_title]

Cro_money280WCroatia is a member of the EU. However, the currency in use is not € but Croatian Kuna (HRK). Please check the currency exchange rates using the tool at the right here.

Normally € is not automatically accepted by shops and restaurants around Croatia.

It is convenient to get some HRK upon your arrival. There are several ATM machines as well as the money changers available at the Airport, the Bus Terminal and the Train Terminal as well. As far we are aware of all regular Korean Credit Cards and Debt Cards are widely accepted by ATM machines, shops and restaurants all around Croatia.

Coco House accepts € however, at present Credit Cards are still not accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by that.


[accordion_title]Zagreb Tourist Attractions[/accordion_title]

zagreb_gastro300WZagreb is a model Central European city. Some feel about Zagreb as a “smaller Wiena” or a “smaller Budapest” as Zagreb has got almost everything like they have it there as bridges, museums, theatres, nice attractive buildings and much more however, all is in a bit smaller size.

As you could imagine Zagreb is loaded with all kinds of tourist attractions. However, as it is a smaller city then Wiena or Budapest you can get a long way just by walking around.

Zagreb Tourist Board is doing a great job in making Zagreb even more interesting to tourists. There are so many attractive events around the city all around the seasons. Please click the following link for Zagreb Tourist Board Site . Korean page is coming soon.


[accordion_title]Zagreb Transportation[/accordion_title]

dnevna_tram_ mreza2

Zagreb is not large like Seoul, Busan or some other Asian mega-city. Hence you can go a big deal around just by walking only. However, Zagreb is not small either so you would need to use some kind of transportation as well.

City tram (ZET) is the most popular transport mean around Zagreb city area. It covers most of the places would be of interest to a tourist. However, if you need to get a bit out of the city itself like to the Airport for example ydnevna_tram_ mreza2ou would need to use some other transport mean like bus or taxi.

The top image at the right is The City Tram Network Map. Please click the link or the image for a large .pdf map.

Coco House is a short walk from The Tram Station Ljubljanica. The map is at the bottom right image. Please click either of the image for a large .pdf map.



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