Coco House address is   Bersečka 2, Zagreb.

It is located at the central Zagreb area called Trešnjevka.   In the neighbourhood you can find many interesting things and friendly people.   Some of Zagreb’s prestigious restaurants offering indigenous local cuisine are located just around Coco House.

The Coco House location as well as the locations of Zagreb’s main entry points  The Airport,  The Bus Terminal  and  The Train Terminal  are marked at the map below. Please click on any of the icons to learn how to get from there to Coco House.

You can go around Zagreb City by walking,  Tram,  Bus or Taxi.   An easy walk from Coco House to City Centre (Jelacici) takes about 35min.   The most popular way to go around the city is by tram.   Bus can take you around wider Zagreb metropolitan area.   Zagreb Taxi service is relatively affordable and safe.   Most of the taxi drivers speak sufficient English to take you anywhere you need to go.

Coco House is near Tram Station called Ljubljanica.

Please click on one of The Two Location Links above to navigate for more location information. Look at the down right for more Location stuff. There are maps and other things there that might help you in getting around Zagreb.

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