Coco House local dentist

It might happen that some dental problem is bothering you during your holiday in Croatia.    Luckily we have a friendly dentist just in the neighborhood of us.

He is dr. Mario Pavicic.    Already performed few quite challenging dental tasks for our Korean customers with a great feedback from their side.    Apart from the quality of his work the customers are also very happy with his prices as they are far less than dental prices in Korea.

Dr. Pavicic is available for both, emergency assistance as well as some complex dental tasks like crowns, bridges or similar.

In a case of any dental needs during your holiday in Croatia don’t hesitate to contact us, Coco House and dr. Pavicic would be happy to assist you.    Additionally, If you are currently planing any complex dental task please consider dr. Pavicic as a valid option.    His price list is available on your request.